The Race for Rail

Experts, among whom LMC Executive Advisory Group Member Andrew Hammond, discuss what goes into building a successful rail project, and how railway design and construction are becoming more efficient. 

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In the GCC, the scepticism a decade ago about the feasibility about rail transport should be long gone, given the success of the Dubai Metro in the UAE. As other Gulf nations invest in their own rail and metro systems, there is no doubt that much is to be learned from emirate, with the Red Line alone attracting 112.7 million riders last year.

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Last Mile Consortia

The LMC is a collective of capable companies that together are able to provide every aspect of the scope required to enable new and usable railway connections and terminals. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, multi-sourced solutions to rail users worldwide and in doing so resolve the challenges of implementation and operation for first-time users both public and private, shippers, receivers, passenger and freight.