LMC discloses new partnership with Al Tamimi & Company

LMC is pleased to announce Al Tamimi & Company as a new member. As the largest law firm in the Middle East, Al Tamimi & Company can play a significant role concerning the LMC’s objectives. Sarah Cranston, Al Tamimi & Company’s Senior Business Development & Marketing Manager, confirms the promising partnership.

“Al Tamimi & Company is pleased to announce that the firm is now a member of the Last Mile Consortia Ltd. (LMC) Forum. The rail sector is one of the firm’s key sectors on which we focus our resources and efforts.  The firm looks forward to taking advantage of the member benefits and working with the LMC and other member firms on some interesting regional initiatives. Al Tamimi & Company is firm which knows the rail industry extremely well.  We are currently involved in the GCC rail project and a number of other rail (and rail related) projects in the region, including the Abu Dhabi rail project and the Qatar rail project.” 

For more information about Al Tamimi & Company, visit www.tamimi.com.

Last Mile Consortia

The LMC is a collective of capable companies that together are able to provide every aspect of the scope required to enable new and usable railway connections and terminals. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, multi-sourced solutions to rail users worldwide and in doing so resolve the challenges of implementation and operation for first-time users both public and private, shippers, receivers, passenger and freight.