Babcock secures skills contract with Oman Rail

image004Babock has secured a contract with Oman Rail to deliver a skills framework to support the Sultanate’s construction of its new rail network. The framework is based on international best practice and standards and supports the development of a skilled workforce of Omanis to build, maintain and operate the railways of the future.

Babock will work with Oman Rail to construct standards for all job roles, monitor training quality delivered by partners, and contribute to the development of a new graduate programme. Besides the framework, the partnership also involves the Establishment of a Centre of Excellence. This centre has been opened in October 2015 in order to support the training and development needs of the rail industry, from the initial construction through to its operation and maintenance.

The construction of Oman’s new rail network is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Sultanate. It plays a major role in the new Gulf Cooperation Council rail network connecting Oman with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. Phase one of the project is linking the three Omani ports of Sohar, Dugm and Salalah. The total Oman section will span 2,135 kilometers.


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