LMC Forums

One of the early success metrics of LMC has been its ability to host forums. The forums are co-located at or within other major events, and provide LMC membership an opportunity to product mini-events. In numerous prior venues, and in the top upcoming exhibitions, the LMC has staged multi-hour to half day forums with the event host providing additional marketing and support to attract the key audience members. The forums showcase particular solutions or situations with presentations by our influential LMC members, and provide panel discussions on a wide range of topics so that the guests have a single source destination to ask and receive up-to-date responses from the membership.

Since LMC forums are hosted in conjunction with other attractions, the attendance, interest, and quality of the audience is far greater than an individual attempt by most companies to attain that depth and breadth of market reach. Become a member of LMC and let us show you the best platform to reach your destination!