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“The LMC is the only legitimate route to market in the continuing development of sovereign railroad developments across the World. Following our mantra of Find, Fund and Fulfil, we continue to attract, and benefit, companies both large and small in securing business opportunities, expansion, and diversification around the globe. Our efforts bring results. Call us and find out how we can help you with a minimal investment.”

John Greaves
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What can LMC offer you?

Global brand recognition

Becoming a member of LMC provides industry wide recognition on a global scale, with your logo, corporate profile, news and events all published and promoted via our well-known, widely promoted website.


LMC’s continuing media exposure, trade media and our prominence in a diversity of publications, radio and TV appearances directly contributes to the brand awareness of LMC and, more importantly, to the LMC Members.


As a member you will be granted access to the full LMC network containing key suppliers within the railway and transport market and a diversity of recognised organisations like MEA, UKTi, and sovereign governments.


Along with an extensive offering of events and forums organised directly by Last Mile Consortia, we have also negotiated extensive access packages, with heavily discounted pricing and enhanced promotion, to a wide diversity of trade shows.


LMC trade missions offer a cost-effective way of visiting the countries in various regions, providing unparalleled opportunities to explore market potential and gain access to key decision makers.


Mind your gap in railway investments by sharing knowledge with fellow LMC members during regularly organised events. Or share your knowledge as a panel member during one of the LMC Forums around the globe.



Chairman of the Board

Welcome! So glad you found our website and are investigating the LMC. Last Mile Consortia is an organization of companies which have joined ranks to provide solutions to all aspects of rail and associated transportation needs around the globe.

We founded the LMC because there are so many disciplines required by our clients, and the simple act of finding all the players is a daunting task. By combining the talent pool and skill sets of the top companies in the business, we are able to quickly marshall the best responders, the most knowledgeable resources, and the complete complement of partners to meet any set of requirements.

The LMC, first and foremost, exists to connect disparate companies in a cohesive manner. If your company provides, or would like to provide, solutions to the most complex transportation ecosystems on the planet, you are cordially invited to join us. A membership application is found here, and information on the many events we have attended or will support is listed throughout the website.

This can be one of the great adventures of our time! Don’t read about it later in the business journals and wonder why you were on the wrong track when the train left the station!

About Us

Minding the gap in transportation investment.

The Last Mile Consortia (LMC) is an organization engaged in protecting investments from Sovereign, state and private rail developers when the Last Mile, the link to consumers, users and benefits are identified. Primarily concerned with those rail developments that expect socio-economic. geopolitic and real fiscal benefit derived from the rail infrastructure, the LMC has a staff that is composed of leading design, infrastructure and security issue managers and from which we respond to invitations to deliver real solution telemetry for the rail sector worldwide.

With the backing of government, quasi-government, standards bodies and regulators, the LMC is able to afford its members a seat at the biggest table; and the most formidable challenges in the 21st Century realization of railroad deployment.

We work closely with the top corporations involved in these systemic changes and enjoy being able to craft significant proposals involving both the Fortune 500 membership of LMC and the significant presence of SME participants from all countries.

Our UK administration and research centre, combined with our Dubai Operations Centre, provide a robust alternative to ‘going it alone’. Our ability to provide both buyer and supplier fiscal guarantees and funding in early placements, as well as providing the largest pool of resource and resolution in early stage rail programs, allows LMC to truly be the “minder of your gap”.

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